3 models staircase which you can choose

Minimalist house is a house that has a tiny house design, simple and multifunctional. Today too many families who choose a minimalist model of a house for residence. Minimalist home is today also have more creative design, the minimalist house with 2 floors. This will make your home more comfortable and feels more spacious home.

For liaison between the 1st floor and 2nd floor will require a connection that ladder. Staircase also need to consider and adjust to the type of home you want. You can choose a model of staircase you want. Each staircase also has materials of different materials and have different models, it is necessary to customize the theme and style of your home. There are several types of ladders that you can know, including:
ladder upright shape

This ladder can choose to model the staircase minimalist level is not too high, so that these stairs will not weary ride. This ladder is vertical tilted upwards with one-way and are usually attached to the wall of the house. The ladder can be placed in the corner of the room as a liaison to the second floor. Materials of this type of ladder can be made of wood, Ceramic, and also iron. You can select them according to the design of your home. In order for the house to be more interesting then make this ladder has a motif similar to the design of your home.

Zig zag staircase shape
This staircase will look more beautiful and creative to design your home. You can opt for a model household ladder minimalist house, because this ladder has its own uniqueness. These stairs can be designed in two or three directions, and can be made of any material. These stairs can be made of wood, metal, and ceramics, and you can design as unique as possible, using collaborative stunning colors and motifs beautifully. However, this ladder can take place rather extensive but still with a minimalist style that does not look cramped.

Circular staircase
This staircase was a type of minimalist design ladder, because the ladder is very simple and does not consume a lot of places. With a circular shape then you can place anywhere as you like. You can put the ladder even more creative in the middle of your house as a liaison floor 2. These stairs can be made of wood, metal and ceramics. However, if the ceramic material then requires a fairly extensive and preparation is quite difficult.
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