Tips to make a modern home interior design

First determine the location of furniture in the house. A concept which emphasizes the minimalist house to maximize space to maintain a more spacious room, spacious, without taking the factors in detail and depth. Although emphasizing the minimalist concept, but it would not hurt you to decorate the room so that the concept of the perfect cat. But the same principle, namely, to reduce as much as possible the number of items. For a minimalist house bigger, of course you can add more furniture in it. But of course, in terms of the size of the furniture you need also to pay attention.
Minimalist interior design drawings will not be exhausted because of the creative freedom for decorating the home. To make the home look elegant and charming ensure the quality of the selection. using some kind of furniture in the room where it did not seem cramped, so it's not just for the sake of giving the image space. The other end, it's better to choose the size of a small furniture. These cases generally occur in a minimalist home. The use of large-scale furniture would only make room in your home into cramped. For example, a small table lamp. Tables and booths will realize more elegant, than you use a large table lamp that meets the table.
Family room.
For the living room, you just put the two sofas to adjust the size of the space. Choose a sofa with wall paint color. You can add a decorative lamp and a small table in the corner between two sofas. You can add a coffee table in the front seat, but you do not need to use it. Choose a sofa that fits the space, carpet, TV and a small table in the corner of your living room. make your living space as comfortable as possible.

Main bedroom.

Forming a master bedroom with such completeness, wardrobe, TVset if necessary and decorations on light or sleep upright in a corner booth.


Kitchenset minimalist art form with lots of shelves in the closet. You can also add a closet.
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