Tips to make the bedroom the girls

Harmonious home sometimes is difficult to be created. home circumstances are uncomfortable and unattractive would cause boredom thereby inhibiting the creation of family harmony. Especially for those of you who have a child, of course you need to create an atmosphere of comfort in your home, especially in your child's bedroom.
To create an atmosphere that is comfortable and attractive, then you need to use the interior design of a child's bedroom which has a nuance that is preferred by your child. Especially for girls who normally have a predilection for various matters relating to womanhood. The few things you need to decide to make the girls bedroom design, including:

Theme or concept room

These are important things to be tailored to the wishes of the child. Some examples of themes include:
  1. cartoons such as Barbie and other animations.
  2. traditional room concepts that use wood with a modern theme.
  3. nature themes, such as the atmosphere in the woods, winter atmosphere, the atmosphere of the beach, rural atmosphere, and others.graphic design theme with a line drawing or a contrasting color theme or color smooth.
Color and pictures on walls

After determining a theme, the need to adjust the color of the walls or the image that will be affixed to the wall in accordance with the theme. You can attach some related posters or by painting your child's room as well as the painting on the walls of the room.

Type Furniture

Selection of furniture also needs to be tailored to the theme. For example, by choosing a traditional theme, you can use all kinds of furniture from wood with brown. This will add comfort to your child's room because it will look more beautiful and attractive. You can choose a bed that underneath there is a drawer to place items or clothes. You can also use tables and chairs to learn the size of a thin and minimalist bookcase attached to the wall. Even mirrors can choose directly attached to the wall.
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