tips on choosing a sofa for the modern home

The living room is the main room which was in front of the house and a place to entertain guests. The living room should be designed as attractive and comfortable as possible so as to give a good impression and friendly for your guests, because of course everyone who visit will assess your home from the living room.

Today many families who inhabit the kind of minimalist home, especially in urban areas. The characteristics of a minimalist home is to have a living room that is usually fused with a family room or dining room. For that, you need to create an orderly and conceptual design so cramped living room was not memorable because joining with other rooms.

By applying the minimalist design of the living room, then you need to consider a partition and other types of furniture such as a sofa will be placed in the living room. There are several steps that you can apply to redesign your living space, including:

Selection of partition right

To design the living room together with the usual minimalist living room or dining room, then you need to use proper partition, so the privacy of your living room will remain intact. By using the partition design living room to your liking, then the living room will be more comfortable.
There are many types of partitions that can enhance the interior of the living room ;
  1. shaped partition that extends the shelf or display or higher from a variety of materials such as wood, rattan, iron, glass and others.
  2. Shaped partition barrier of wood or plastic, which has a transparent color or image.
  3. Partitions in the form of pillars of wood or bamboo as limiting the living room is very beautiful and charming.
  4. Partition of pictorial cloth material that can be folded.
  5. Either in the form of a curtain divider partition curtains plain or pictorial.
Other types of sofa and furniture

Selection of the design of the living room couch is also very important. For a minimalist living room it is necessary to use a type of minimalist sofa that does not consume a lot of places. You can use any type of elongated couch and just one or two pieces so it does not narrow the sofa minimalist living room. To give a wonderful impression you can choose the design of the sofa with a unique motif and contrasting colors in accordance with the theme of the living room.
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