tips to make a simple living room

When you feel bored staying in your own home, what guests who want to visit your home. Maybe your guests will feel saturated so not welcome to stay in your home. Therefore, should you need to change the design concept of your house, especially the living room, because the living room is the main room a place to receive guests. If guests feel comfortable in the living room, then he will certainly feel at home staying in your home.

Especially if you have a kind of minimalist small house, then you need to choose the design of a small living room for the size of a small living room. Thus a small living room would be beautiful and attractive impression that can make people comfortable living in it. There are several examples of the design of the living room that you can apply, including:
Living room classic feel
If you choose a classic living room, then to make it unique, you need to use a variety of furniture that looks classic, such as using wood-based sofa wearing flower or leaf motif, or motif classic images. In choosing a bookshelf or TV table then can choose furniture from a combination of iron and wood. For the selection you can choose to paint the walls beige or brown paint. You can also apply pictures or wall hangings classical motifs.
Living room wood shades

Wood shades are usually suitable for small living room design. So all the furniture is made of wood used. You can select the type of wood chair or chair of bamboo, also using a small tiny table. In order for a small impression, you can use a table lamp that is wrapped in bamboo. Selection will be more petite bookshelf when choosing a bookcase shaped wooden box and directly applied to the wall. In addition, you need to select the color white and beige or white and light green to beautify the atmosphere. Should equate all furniture colors such as brown or beige.
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